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Sword proxy bid and shipping agency service

This is a guide to the proxy bid of swords and the shipping agency service.

We propose to you who cannot purchase swords at Buyee and Yahoo! auction.

This service is mainly for Japanese swords, but we can also accept proxy bid of

all item.

Only shipping agency is possible. Click here for details

Overview about proxy purchase
1. Please let us know the auction ID of the item you want to bid on.
2. We will contact you after we confirm the item and auction ID in the Buyee or Yahoo!.
3. We will automatically bid at your suggested bid price after your payment of deposit.
    └Please pay the same amount of deposit as the suggested bid price via PayPal. Payment currency
     is only in Japanese Yen.
    └We will bid as soon as payment is confirmed by PayPal.
4. If you make a successful bid,You have to pay Fee.
    Please check the explanation of about fee.
5. If you cannot make a successful bid,we will refund all amount via PayPal ASAP.

Application schedule
Application deadline: 72 hours before the end of the auction
Complete payment of advance payment: Up to 24 hours before the end of the auction.
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are not included in the above schedule.
The schedule applies to Japan time.


*Once you start bidding, you cannot cancel it with the auction rules.
*If the seller is a store, 10% sales tax will be added to the winning bid amount.
  We will tell you If seller will be store.
 └In the case of a store, please add 10% to the maximum bid you decide and pay 10% tax togeter 
   with deposit. 
*Please make sure that the situation and results during and after bidding are all at your own risk.
*We are not responsible for any defects in the product after it makes a successful bid.

About necessary cost /auction Successful bid 
Successful bid amount x 12% (proxy bidding fee) + *2800JPY-Please pay with the advance payment.
*2,800JPY applies to the domestic shipping cost from the seller to us.

Inspection fee
3,300JPY per product
1) After opening and inspecting the package received from the seller, we will send the image or video of the product via WhatsApp, WeChat,iMessage(iPhone)

2) If inspection is not required, the package received from the seller will not be opened. No inspection fee is required.

In addition, even if the delivered item is defective or defective (eg, chipped blade, rust, fake), complaints cannot be submitted and returned according to the rules of the auction.
Please be sure to check the product image etc. by yourself before applying for bidding.

Overseas shipping fee by DHL
Shipping Company
Shipping will be by DHL only. Our DHL account fee will be applied, so the shipping fee will be lower than the DHL normal shipping fee.
1) Estimated: If you put it in a box with a length of 115 cm and ship it to the US, it will cost about 14000  JPY.The smaller the box size, the cheaper the shipping cost.
   The exact price will be announced after packaging.

2) Packing work cost for overseas:
    One successful bid is calculated as one packing work.
    *Strict packing: 5,200JPY
    *Normal packing: 3,150JPY

3) Tracking number
    We will inform you of the tracking number when the invoice is issued.
    From the time DHL collects the package to the arrival of the item, DHL will notify you of the delivery          status by email or SMS.

Shipping insurance cost
If you take out shipping insurance, the insurance money will be added to the shipping fee.

*up to 100,000JPY shipping invoice = 2,800JPY uniformly
*For 100,001JPY or more, the invoice amount x 1.2% will be the insurance premium.

The insurance amount cannot exceed the shipping invoice price.
Please check import tax rate, VAT, etc. of the country you are importing by yourself.

Settlement of fees and Shipping schedule

When the winning bid item arrives, we will calculate all fee and tell you amount.
After that, the fee will be charged by PayPal, so please pay.
Once payment of the total fee is confirmed, we will promptly prepare for shipping.

We will ship by DHL within 3 business days after you paid.

(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays cannot be shipped because there is no DHL collection)

Pruduct damege during domestic delivery
For damage or loss during domestic transportation, we will make a claim to the shipping company, but in some cases we will not be fully compensated.
If the item is damaged due to improper packaging of the seller, you can request a refund from the seller.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before bidding
Q: Will you negotiate a price cut with the seller? A: No
Q: Can you ask the seller questions about the product? A: No

After bidding
Q: Is it possible to cancel the bid in the middle? A: No
Q: What if I win at a lower price than the advance payment?
   └ Full refund of the difference (at the time of final settlement)
Q: Is it possible to raise the bid amount?
    └ It is possible with an additional advance payment.

All fees include PayPal settlement fees.