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It is really wonderful sharpness. And it will not rust!
You can use it immediately after purchase.
Great for cooks. And if you use it at home, it will be the highest level kitchen knife.

The blade is the latest steel, cobalt stainless steel ZA-18, and the hardness is HRC-63.

The blade is ZA-18 and the circumference is sandwiched between soft stainless steel.

The Damascus pattern emerges on the surface, and you can enjoy the beauty of the 69

layers. ZA18 + 34 Layer + 34 Layer = 69 Layer

The new steel material ZA-18 has high hardness and excellent wear resistance,

It is outstanding and long-lasting.Due to its high chromium content, it is made of a material

that is even more resistant to rust than other stainless steels.


Sujihiki ZA-18 69 Layer Damascus 240mm with Rosewood Handle MAHITOTU Selection

Can be used for slice fish too
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!Important Notice

We try to capture images that represent the real product as much as possible. However, the actual product delivered may differ from the product image due to lighting. Please note this point.If you would like additional images, please contact us as they will be taken individually.


Brand New/unused
The image is a representative image of this product. Since they are all 100% handmade, there are subtle differences in the blade pattern and bend etc.of each product. Please check the detailed information for the size of each product.
Rust prevention:
Rust prevention is unnecessary knife.
Brand Name:
Use applications:
Cooking in general
Country/Region of Brade:
Sakai / Osaka Pref./ Japan
Knife Type:
Constraction of Knives:
Double Edge (Bebvel)
Steel Type of Cutting Edge:
Stainless Steel
Steel Name:
ZA18 and Soft iron
Forge Welding:
Interrupt Welding (Warikomi constraction)
HRC (Rockwell hardness):
Finish and design:
Semi-mirror finish
Cutting Blade Length (From tin to chin) :
approx 240mm
Total Knife Length (from tip to hip of handle) :
approx 390mm
Blade Height (Maxim point) :
approx 50mm
Thickness(Maxim point) :
approx 1.9mm
According to image
Handle Tyep:
Octagonal Rosewood
Joining Handle:
Saya (Sheath):
Saya (Sheath) can be option purchased.
Dominant hand:
Note of Use:
Since the blade can chip or break, do not attempt to cut, hit or chop frozen products or hard bones.
Since this knife is made from stainless,it will not rusty.
For professionals (can be used at home)
Display Goods:
Display products other than kitchen knives are not included.


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Important Notice


Please confirm as following

*do not use the knife in a twisting motion.

*use the correct knife when cutting bone, frozen or hard items.

*note that the images are of the sample products. Colour, wight, pattern and size can differ as each product is handmade.

*use a soft plastic or wooden cutting board to protect the blades edge.

*don't heat or cool rapidly as it may change the structure of the steel.

*don't nesitate to cotact us for further enquiries.