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It's just the right size to cook rice for 5 to 7 people.

As you continue to use it, it will change from brown to dark brown.

Japanese earthenware pots, DONABE

Gohan nabe
The staple of the Japanese diet is rice, or gohan in Japanese.

Event though electric rice cookers have been around for many years,

a good amount of people use donabe to cook their rice.

The reason is, simply, that it is delicious.

The gohan-nabe, or a donabe for rice, cook the rice in a way so that each

and every grain of rice is well cooked. Rice cooked in them looks beautiful,
has a aromatic smell and an exceptional flavor when you chew it.

Even the underside of the donabe have been glazed, and so taking care of

them is very easy.

Kumoigama 9th Head of the family Nakagawa Ippento

Outer diameter about 25 cm (excluding handle), height about 17 cm

■Weight 4000g

■ Please note that the appearance and color of the actual product
  may differ depending on the PC and display environment.

This product photo is a sample image of Ame.
Because it is a hand-made product, the color and pattern of each product

are all different.

KUMOIGAMA Ameyu Rice Pot for 5 cups

In stock
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