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ABOUT THE Kabukiknives.com

There are many kitchen knives store with a history of over 100 years in Japan,

Our knife business has been operating for a year and a half since 2018, and opened an online store as

kabukiknives.com in Dec 2019.

More than 90% of our knives are made by Sakai Osaka pref, but traditional style knives made from pure Japanese

steel will be difficult produced in the future due to the aging of craftsmen and the lack of successors.

Therefore, our shop plans not only traditional craftsman's works, but also new materials and design knives that

follow the traditional manufacturing method in collaboration with the manufacturer and wholesaler of Sakai, and

proposes products to market of Japan and the overseas.

We also plan and sell theater type -kitchen “showing and cutting” knives by collaborating with made in Japan

knives on innovative designs and sheaths made by overseas craftsmen.


Fair price evaluation for pure Japanese steel Honyaki products

Product storage in a perfect environment

Collaboration with highly skilled maintenance team

Know-how to commercialize the highest level kitchen knives

Network construction with overseas craftsmen

Specialized knowledge and advice on kitchen knives


REGISTERED Company name:

PIL Co.,Ltd.

株式会社 PIL

Company Profile in Japanese

License : Chiba Pref. Public Safety Commission Antique trading license No.721070022128


Taiyoshika Bldg 3F

17-23 Honcho Matsudo-shi Chiba Pref. 271-009 Japan