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Base size of hair bundle 21mm

This reference product is a custom-made product ordered by a sushi
restaurant in Japan.
The contents of the request are all made with cherry blossom motifs and
different designs one by one.
Since all the motifs are cherry blossoms, if only gold lacquer work is used,
the finish will not be unique, so we decorated it while adding color lacquer
We accept orders from one with the design you desire.
Price: 48,000 yen~per one 
Delivery time: about 3 months
Please feel free to contact us.

made in Japan
The finest brush for Edomae sushi, which is 100% handmade by skilled
craftsmen. Made of very supple weasel hair, it does not come off easily and
can be used for nearly 10 years.
In recent years, it has been difficult to obtain weasel hair, and it is a valuable

This is lacquered.
In addition, craftsmen painted with Makie and evolved to the level of art.

【Reference product】Finest Edomae sushi brush lacquered and Sakura Makie Art (Weasel hair) 21mm

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Photos are representative image samples. Colour, wight, pattern and size can differ as each product is handmade.