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made in Japan
See images for dimensions.

This product is hand-finished with genuine lacquer.

This spoon was made with Negoro-nuri.
Negoro-nuri is one of the Japanese painting techniques, in which vermillion
or white lacquer is applied to a black lacquer undercoat.
The name comes from Negoro-ji Temple in Wakayama Prefecture.
In general, the more you use it, the more the vermilion and white lacquer
on the surface will naturally wear away, exposing the black lacquer on the
base in some places and making it look like a pattern.
It is a traditional Japanese craft that is nurtured by the user and enjoys
the taste.
Also, even if the product is brand new, the black lacquer underneath may
be slightly visible, but this is not a defective product.

Out of stock

Uni (sea urchin ) spoon Lacquered White medium size

Out of stock
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