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The blade of the 360mm Wa-Gyuto has been made as thin as possible.
Only 2.2 mm thick.
I think you can draw delicate ingredients at once without breaking them.

Mirror surface is possible as an option, but we recommend the current finish.

This VG10 knife is our recommended knife.
Many famous Japanese cooks use this knife.
The reason is that it does not rust and its sharpness lasts for a long time.
Also, VG10 production does not require a blacksmith.
A sharpener cuts the steel and hardens it in an electric furnace.
When sharpening, use a diamond whetstone and finish with a natural whetstone
When used, it becomes a razor-like blade.

It is a practical kitchen knife that is fun to use every day.
We want a professional sushi chef to use it.

Material Details
When users choose cutting steels which are suitable for various kinds of knives,
their demands for the performance of cutting steels becomes diverse, but the
indispensable prerequisites of good steel has never changed. 
V Gold 10(VG10), a high quality cutting stainless steel, is made from highly-selected
pure iron material and is worked by best technology, thus VG10 has ductility and shows
orkability and forgeability. Besides VG10 is free from corrosion caused by impure substances
and achieves good abrasion resistance. Our V Steel Series boast these excellent features.

VG10 is a highly alloyed stainless cutlery steel, originally developed by Takefu Special Steels
over 60 years ago to make the most of quality raw materials and the alloying effects of various
element to make an all-round, high performance blade steel. The addition of 15% of Cr, 1% of Mo
and 1,5% of Co makes the matrix (substrate) stronger and prevents carbides from dropping out.
By adding V, the structure becomes finer.
Combined Cr, Mo, and V form a lot of hard carbides, so abrasion resistance improves which gives
knives long-term clean cutting, VG10 is rather machinable and easy to grind.

VG10 also has a quadratic effect in high-temperature tempering which makes it ideal to use in cutting
tools which are given surface-coating at up to about 450°C.

Excerpt from steel material manufacturer Takefu Special Steel Co., Ltd. HP

Kiritsuke Wa-Gyuto VG10 270mm Honyaki Mono Steel Evony Handle

Recommended for Either a Head Chef or Junior Chef : should also be proficient at sharpening.
In stock
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Additional mirror finishing takes about one week.
It is possible to purchase another handle.

!Important Notice

We try to capture images that represent the real product as much as possible. However, the actual product delivered may differ from the product image due to lighting. Please note this point.If you would like additional images, please contact us as they will be taken individually.


Brand New/unused
Rust prevention:
Rust prevention is unnecessary knife.
Use applications:
Professional cooks are also available for general home cooking.
Country/Region of Brade:
Sakai / Osaka Pref./ Japan
Sharpening workshop:
Kasahara Hamono-Sakai Osaka
Knife Type:
Constraction of Knives:
Double Edge (Bebvel)
Steel Type of Cutting Edge:
Stainless Steel
Steel Name:
Forge Welding:
Honyaki (Mono Stailess)
Forging Method:
Cutting forging
Quenching Methood:
Electric furnace (pot)
HRC (Rockwell hardness):
Finish and design:
Wood grinding finish
Cutting Blade Length (From tip to heel-ago) :
approx 260mm
Blade Width (Maxim point) :
approx 51mm
Thickness(Maxim point) :
approx 3.0mm
According to image
Handle Tyep:
Octagonal ebony Sterling Silver ring
Handle length of image:
Joining Handle:
Unjoined / If you want to join, please check the joining request (free)
Dominant hand:
Note of Use:
Since the blade can chip or break, do not attempt to cut, hit or chop frozen products or hard bones.
Since this knife is made from stainless,it will not rusty.
Product contains:
Professional use (for top chef )


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Important Notice

*Colour and shape can differ from the photo and actual product due to camera and lighting.

*Also, you may see difference in colour due to the oil applied to protect from rust.

*For handmade products, there may be small scratches. There is no problem in use at all.

*In addition, vintage products may have minor scratches due to long-term storage.

*Wood products may age over time.

Please check the image well before purchasing.