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This Deba knife is a product that combines rust-resistant and sharp
silver three (Gin3) steel and stainless soft iron.

Mioroshi Gin3 210mm Duble Welding Two Side Mirror Finish with Magnolia handle and Sheath

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Handle can be changed for an additional fee.

!Important Notice

We try to capture images that represent the real product as much as possible. However, the actual product delivered may differ from the product image due to lighting. Please note this point.If you would like additional images, please contact us as they will be taken individually.


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Rust prevention:
Rust prevention is unnecessary knife.
Use applications:
A kitchen knife that is indispensable for handle fish and chickens using its thickness and weight.
Country/Region of Brade:
Sakai / Osaka Pref./ Japan
Shougo Yamatsuka (Traditional Craftman)
Sharpening workshop:
Yamawaki Cutlery-Sakai Osaka
Knife Type:
Constraction of Knives:
SIngle Edge (Bebvel)
Steel Type of Cutting Edge:
Stainless Steel
Steel Name:
Gin#3 (Yasuki)
Forge Welding:
Forging Method:
Free forging
Quenching Methood:
Traditional Pine Charcoal Quenching (Duble Steel)
Finish and design:
Front Mirror finish (Flat and Kiriba)
Edge lengh:
approx 215mm
Total Knife Length (from tip to hip of handle) :
approx 372mm
Blade Width (Maxim point) :
approx 46.3mm
Thickness(Maxim point) :
approx 4.96mm
Handle Tyep:
Octagonal Magnolia
Handle length of image:
approx 140mm
Joining Handle:
Handle will be attached and shipped.
Saya (Sheath):
Equipped Magnolia White Saya
Dominant hand:
Note of Use:
The Deba knife can also cut the head and bones of fish, but if used roughly, the blade may be chipped.
Since this knife is made from stainless,it will not rusty.
Professional use (for top chef )


How to sharpen the mirror surface Gin3 (make a cutting edge)

Recommended: Ceramic artificial whetstone # 1000 from Naniwa
It can be purchased on Amazon US.
Brand: Naniwa
1,000 Grit Super Ceramic Water Stone with a Base (Japan Import)

You can also buy from our store click this link  

First, make a blade with # 1000.

First, attach the entire back surface to the grindstone on a flat surface and sharpen it.
When Burr (Kaeri) comes out, sharpen the front side.
Sharpen the knife at an angle to the grindstone to remove the burr.

At this time, care must be taken not to scratch the surface of the cutting edge.
Do not put too much effort in every process.
Once the blade is formed with # 1000, do the same with # 3000 as above. Please finish with # 8000 at the end.
* Up to # 3000 is sufficient.
Basically, the blade is formed with # 1000.


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Important Notice


Please confirm as following

*do not use the knife in a twisting motion.

*use the correct knife when cutting bone, frozen or hard items.

*note that the images are of the sample products. Colour, wight, pattern and size can differ as each product is handmade.

*use a soft plastic or wooden cutting board to protect the blades edge.

*don't heat or cool rapidly as it may change the structure of the steel.

*don't nesitate to cotact us for further enquiries.