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It will take about 3 weeks or one month from order to delivery.

The large drawer size makes it convenient when shaving a large amount
of bonito flakes.

Product dimensions: H170 x W127 xD325mm
Plane dimensions: thickness 36 x width 88 x length 303mm
Planer blade size: Approx 70mm
(*even the same forged planer blades have different thickness and shape)

Wooden box: Paulownia,  rubber legs
Painting: Persimmon juice finish
Plane blade: Soft iron & Aogami No. 1(Blue one)
Planer stand: White Oak

Blacksmith: Echigo Yoita cutlery traditional craftsman Seisuke Mizuno
Planer stand: Echigo Saburo second generation Yuichi Nishimura

※The state of the blade is perfect and can be used immediately.

How to use Bonito shaver by Husitaka in Tsukiji YouTube>>  

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We can also purchase it on your behalf and ship it together with
the sharver.

Bonito shaver for professional use and large drawer type Blue steel one Takarabune-treasure ship

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