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Minamoto Yasukuni is Brand name and blacksmith real name Mr.Yasuaki Taira born in 1965. 

In 1983, after graduating from high school, he studied at the "Ajioka Cutlery Factory" 

in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture,where he learned to sharp knives. After that, he acquired

the old-fashioned forging method under the original Morihiro who is  his father. Today,

he consistently manufactures everything from forging to sharpening in Yame City, Fukuoka

Prefecture,Kyushu. Sakai's kitchen knife is basically made, and blacksmithing and sharpening

are performed by different craftsmen,but he is a rare person who performs blacksmithing and

sharpening by himself. In 2019, he will be certified by the Japanese Food Culture Tradition

Association, which is responsible for cooking the Japan Imperial Family. 

He has also appeared on many televisions. 

Currently, his third son is entering the manufacturing site and undergoing training.

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Maguro Pure Japanese Steel (Tamahagane) Dobule Welding 600mm Kasumi Finish

Out of stock
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Unused antique
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Rust prevention:
We ship with rust-stopping oil.
Use applications:
Suitable for slicing sashimi by drawing.
Country/Region of Brade:
Fukuoka Pref.
Yasukuni Minamoto (Fukuoka Pref)
Yasukuni Minamoto (Fukuoka Pref)
Knife Type:
Maguro (Tuna) Knife
Constraction of Knives:
SIngle Edge (Bebvel)
Steel Name:
Pure Japanese Steel (Tamahagane)
Forge Welding:
Double Welding (Hagane on Soft Iron)
Forging Method:
Free forging
Quenching Methood:
Traditional Pine Charcoal Quenching (Duble Steel)
HRC (Rockwell hardness):
Finish and design:
Kasumi finish
Cutting Blade Length (From tin to chin) :
approx 610mm
Total Knife Length (from tip to hip of handle) :
approx 908mm
Blade Height (Maxim point) :
approx 38mm
Thickness(Maxim point) :
approx 6.4mm
According to image
Joining Handle:
Saya (Sheath):
Equipped Magnolia White Saya
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