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[Please note] This product has a blade for left-handed users.
In Japan, right-handed products are the mainstream, so the price for
left-handed products is basically 1.5 times the price of the same product
for right-handed users.

A special knife used to separate meat from bones, it is called a boning knife
overseas. Honesuki and Garasaki are different names for different lengths.

【Left Handed】Wa-Garasaki 150mm Shirogami-2(WS#2) Double Welding Kasumi Finish One Side mirror

Recommended for Either a Head Chef or Junior Chef : should also be proficient at sharpening.
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!Important Notice

We try to capture images that represent the real product as much as possible. However, the actual product delivered may differ from the product image due to lighting. Please note this point.If you would like additional images, please contact us as they will be taken individually.


Brand New/unused
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Rust prevention:
Rust prevention is unnecessary knife.
Use applications:
A special knife used to separate meat from bones, it is called a boning knife overseas. Honesuki and Garasuki are different names for different lengths.
Country/Region of Brade:
Sakai / Osaka Pref./ Japan
Sharpening workshop:
Yamawaki Cutlery-Sakai Osaka
Knife Type:
Constraction of Knives:
SIngle Edge (Bebvel)
Steel Type of Cutting Edge:
Japanese Carbon Steel
Steel Name:
White #2 Steel (edge) and Soft iron
Forge Welding:
Double Welding (Hagane on Soft Iron)
Forging Method:
Free forging
Quenching Methood:
Traditional Pine Charcoal Quenching (Duble Steel)
Finish and design:
Kasumi finish
Edge lengh:
approx 158mm
Blade Width (Maxim point) :
approx 48.00mm
Thickness(Maxim point) :
approx 5.3mm
Only blade weight:
Handle Tyep:
Octagonal Magnolia
Joining Handle:
Handle will be attached and shipped.
Saya (Sheath):
Dominant hand:
Note of Use:
Since the blade can chip or break, do not attempt to cut, hit or chop frozen products or hard bones.
Since this knife is made from stainless,it will not rusty.
Professional use (for top chef )


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Important Notice

*Colour and shape can differ from the photo and actual product due to camera and lighting.

*Also, you may see difference in colour due to the oil applied to protect from rust.

*For handmade products, there may be small scratches. There is no problem in use at all.

*In addition, vintage products may have minor scratches due to long-term storage.

*Wood products may age over time.

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